Vitan Estates


Bucharest center


2015 (under construction)


9,464 SQM, 128 apartments, 154 above grade parking spaces

Vitan Estates is a centrally located property, which is currently under construction. The architectural style of the building was developed to differentiate it from the other buildings within its residential neighborhood. The design of this unique 8 floor building is a “Y” shape, with a staircase core positioned at the intersection of the 3 branches of the Y, within an equilateral triangle layout. Each floor has a circular gallery within the staircase core triangle which overlooks the central entrance atrium lobby. This circular gallery is topped with a skylight to maximize the natural light in the interior space. The apartments offered in this building are compact and functional, studios and 2 types of 2 rooms apartments. Vitan Estates is truly one of a kind.